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The ownership team behind The Bite Gourmet Burger Restaurant, Brisket Southern BBQ & Bar, Yardbird Southern Fried Chicken and LA Brea SoCal Tacos are Stephan (left), Kirtanya (middle) and Thomas von Matt. We started working together in 2013, when we opened The Bite in Zurich’s Red Light District. All three of us come from a gastronomic background, having worked in hotels and restaurants over the past 20 years. Stephan and Thomas are brothers, Kirtanya is Thomas’ wife. Our specialization lies in gourmet-style American food concepts, focusing on creative and relatable menus, offering a vibrant, casual dining atmosphere at each location. 

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Before opening each concept, we spent time traveling through The States, learning the ropes about American cuisine, testing recipes, and understanding the rich traditions. Now, with four individual concepts, we’ve managed to penetrate the market in Zurich and have started our journey to grow each brand within Switzerland.   

Von Matt Hospitality Group (VMHG) is the parent company behind our concepts and is a privately owned organization based out of Zurich, Switzerland. Our company employs over 100 people, has multiple locations in Switzerland in the cities of Zurich, Basel and Zug. We’re excited to continue this journey of bringing high quality American-style concepts to your neighbourhoods. 

We couldn’t do any of this without our incredible team members! From the staff working with passion and dedication at each restaurant, to the management and head office team members at our company, we are thankful to be working together with you!

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  • Goals
expand our brands throughout Switzerland and become top of mind in each city where we are present, known for our high-quality American food concepts. We’re the place to go for a wild night out with friends, where you’re also dining amongst friends
growth is not linear,so evolution shouldn’t be either. We are constantly challenging ourselves tolearn more, stay ahead of trends, understand the markets we are present in andthe ones where we would like to BE present. The FUN aspect of a project willalways continue to be a part of our DNA – if the project is not fun, you won’tfind us taking part in it.
Every member of ourteam plays an integral part in creating the dining experience you see at eachof our establishments. We live and breathe a philosophy of respect,appreciation, and humility across from one another. We recognize theachievements of our team members, but also see that oftentimes it takes acommunity to make those triumphs possible.
develop YardbirdSouthern Fried Chicken into a nation-wide brand in Switzerland. We hope to open 10-15 locations within the next few years. Additionally, every location andbrand within our organization shall always be continually supported and closelymonitored for quality assurance.