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We are  the von Matts. Our speciality is creating gourmet-style American food  concepts, focusing on high-quality ingredients & locally-sourced products  from Switzerland.

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Be the  place to go when you want to dine amongst friends & enjoy high-quality  American food - it could be for a casual family affair or a wild night out  with friends, we've got you covered.
We’re  a young company and don’t follow a particular model. Every member of our team  is a part of creating the dining experience we deliver, and we value their  ideas and opinions. Growing a business is tough work, but it's only fun if  you get to take your friends with you – that’s how we see the people who  choose to work with us. And that’s the culture we encourage.
At our  restaurants, we want to build a community by connecting people through  delicious food, a great vibe, and memorable service. And we want to have FUN  while doing it. That's why it's also important that we take time to celebrate  together as a team - this is something we do often and will continue to do in  the future - it's part of our DNA as a company.
We want  to continue developing our brands & grow our family. One of our main  objectives is to bring Yardbird & its Southern hospitality to your local  neighbourhood. We hope to open more locations in Switzerland within the next  few years. Join us on this wild journey!